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The Club of Ugly Children by Jonathan Elbers

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Zurich awards Ugly Children

7 October 2020

Dutch youth film The Club of Ugly Children has won the Children's Jury Prize at the Zurich Film Festival.
Director Jonathan Elbers won over the 30-member children's jury, who chose his drama out of the in total ten youth films competing in the ZFF for Kids section.
The film tackles topics such as discrimination, independence and friendship.

Earlier this year The Club of Ugly Children already received the Grand Prize for Best Feature at the New York International Children's Film Festival.
The film will next screen at Schlingel - International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience (Chemnitz, Germany) which takes place 10-17 October.

The Club of Ugly Children is produced by Umami Media in co-production with Shooting Star Filmcompany and is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund.

In The Club of Ugly Children the evil President Isimo decides to capture and deport all the ugly children. After a photo-shoot Paul and a few ugly classmates are sent on a 'school trip'. On the bus, Paul soon realises that this is not just a pleasant excursion but that the children are being shipped off to a secret place. He comes up with a plan and manages to escape, but a bounty hunter is sent to hunt him down. Can Paul shake off his pursuer and more importantly, can he both free the other children and defeat the president?

For more information:

Umami Media
Ph: +31 6 2310 5532

Sales: Beta Film
Ph: +49 89 673 469-80

Festivals: Renate Zylla




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