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Kill Zombie! by Erwin van den Eshof & Martijn Smits
Kill Zombie!

Kill Zombie!

A zomedy about a group of friends who have to arm themselves against an invasion of zombies.

When two competitive groups of friends wake up together in jail, they are the only ones who do not know that the night before the city was evacuated due to the outbreak of a virus. But instead of trying to reach the safety zone, they decide to save a girl who is stuck in a building where the heart of the virus is located. This means that they will have to pass by literally hundreds of zombies…

85’ / DCP / colour

Genre: action
Original title: ZOMBIBI
Prod: Talent United
Dir:Erwin van den Eshof & Martijn Smits  
Sc: Tijs van Marle    
D.O.P.: Joost van Herwijnen
Completed: February 2012  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Yahya Gaier (SCHNITZEL PARADISE, KICKS), Mimoun Ouled Radi (GANGSTERBOYS, SHOUF SHOUF HABIBI), Gigi Ravelli, Sergio Hasselbaink (SONNY BOY).  

Martijn Smits:
First feature film.
OFF ROAD (2010, short), BROTHER’S KEEPER (2008, short), THE BUG (2007, short).

Erwin van den Eshof:
OFF ROAD (2010, short), SNIFF AND THE GHOST CASTLE (2010, feature), PIEFLOS, THE ARMPIT-LICKING WITCH (2010, short), DEAD END (2006, feature).

Talent United
Ph: +31 20 688 1843

Sales: Kaleidoscope
Ph: +44 20 3397 4410


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28-02-2012  International Interest for ZOMBIBI

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