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In Yorishiro a little girl in a purplish-gray horse suit travels through urban Japanese landscapes to this remote island where she finds kinship with the horses of the island, subtly restoring the historical bond between animal and man kind. The suit transforms her into an intermediate form of humans and animals. Perhaps as a “Yorishiro”; something or someone who can contain the spirit or soul of a “kami” – (nature) god. Or, as the other meaning of the word can indicate, a transformation through metamorphosis. Yorishiro is the second film of Dumas in which horses of an ancient breed that still roam freely on a small Japanese island play an important role. In the first film on this island, Shio (2018), the horses and a Japanese girl seem to be waiting for something or someone.

20'01" / HD File / colour / sound

Dir: Charlotte Dumas
Prod: Charlotte Dumas
Scen: Charlotte Dumas and Jolein Laarman
Country: The Netherlands
Completed: 2020
Language: no dialogue
Screening format: HD File
Cast: Ivy Dubrovich

Charlotte Dumas
(all shorts) Anima (2012),The Widest Prairies (2013), Work Horse (2015), Shio (2018), Yorishiro (2020) 

Distributor: EYE Experimental

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