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Word! by Amos Mulder


A 7-minute cinematic journey that interrogates our relationship with words, set in a post-factual universe. As a series of dystopian urban scenarios unfold, words materialize as strange autonomous entities.

7’ / colour

Genre: experimental, sci-fi
Original title: WORD!
Dir: Amos Mulder
Prod: Submarine Channel - Remco Vlaanderen
Completed: September 2017       
Language: English       

Amos Mulder:
a.o. OFF THE GROUND (2016, short doc), DON’S DREAM (2014, short), CECI N’EST PAS UN RÊVE (2012, short), SOUP! (2010, short), GHOST OF ICARUS (2009, short).

Submarine Channel

Ph: +31 20 820 4940

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