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Wonderland by Parisa Yousef Doust


Riots roar and explosions ignite. Inside,10-year old Sara's songs are carried into the wind of a fan as her pregnant mother and mysterious aunt struggle with tradition and modernity. Through her senses, Sara creates a world of songs and stories.

14’ / colour

Genre: drama, experimental, family
Original title: WONDERLAND
Dir: Parisa Yousef Doust
Prod: AS Film - André Schreuders
Completed: September 2017       
Language: Dutch         

Parisa Yousef Doust:

MIST (2013, short), NAHIED=VENUS(2009, short), THE STORY OF A FLYING CARPET IN ZWOLLE (2006, short).

André Schreuders AS Film
Ph: +31 6 4154 3626

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