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Within the Temple Without  (Matthew Wilson, 2019)

Within the Temple Without

“Without the Temple Within” is a journey into the economic unconscious—which is now collective and digital but which was once mediated by ritual. This journey takes the structure of a series of dreamlike reflections and memories, but is informed by history as well. The pathway to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi is lined with treasuries for the gods; the alchemical symbol of the caduceus, carried by Hermes, was created from the expulsion of serpents at the Temple of Apollo. The caduceus and other alchemical symbols can be found all over the Bank of England, which drew on alchemical ideas to develop a credit based currency; it became the template of central banks. The Bank for International Settlements in Basel Switzerland is the central bank of the central banks and largely exists outside of any governmental jurisdiction. Handheld video has been algorithmically stabilized, creating an unstable frame and uncanny, convulsing images. Carl Jung’s work with alchemy and the unconscious—both individual and collective—further informs the work. In this sense, the projection of the work conflates cinematic and psychological modes of projections. The narrative itself is delivered by a computer application rather than a human. Manipulated and composed sounds from ATMs provide the soundtrack.

10'00" / HD File / black&white / sound

Prod: Video Power - Tim Rutten, Daan Milius
Scen: Matthew C. Wilson
Country: The Netherlands
Completed: 2019
Language: English
Screening format: DCP

Matthew C. Wilson:
Geological Evidences (2017, short), The Age of Autonomous Exploration II (2018, short)

Video Power
Ph: +31 6 2180 2691

Distributor: EYE Experimental

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