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The White Cube
White Cube

White Cube

Congolese plantation workers successfully co-opt the concept of the "white cube" gallery space as a means to stop the commercial exploitation of their land.

This documentary sees Martens continue on from Enjoy Poverty (2008), in which he encouraged impoverished African people to use photography to exploit their own suffering. On that occasion however, the local population earned nothing from their efforts. This new film documents his attempt to reverse the flow of wealth and use the privileges associated with the art world to bring about real change.


90' / colour

Original title: WHITE CUBE
Dir: Renzo Martens
Prod: Pieter van Huystee Film
Co-prod: Inti Films (Belgium)
Sc: Renzo Martens
D.O.P.: Dareck Tuba, Deschamp Matala, J.A. Koster, Renzo Martens, Jean Counet, Eric Vander Borght, Maarten Kramer, Daan Wallis, Remco Bikkers, Boaz van der Spek, Lisa Perez, Louise van Assche
Completed: November 2020
Language: French, English, Lingala

Renzo Martens:

Pieter van Huystee Film
Ph: +31 20 421 0606

Festivals: Films Transit
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