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We're All Here (2016) by Beny Wagner
We're All Here

We're All Here

In We're All Here artist Beny Wagner channels feelings of inexplicable loss and yearning for something unknown. The film builds on two seemingly unrelated material histories: that of camouflage and fossil fuels. Camouflage as the human desire to subjugate the landscape to its demands while simultaneously yearning for a complete immersion in its materiality. Petroleum as the great global unifier that paradoxically makes things in immediate proximity stand at an irreconcilable distance. The film attempts to translate the ungraspable global end into an internalized, uncertain relationship to the self.

11'40" / DCP, HD file / colour

Genre: experimental, fiction
Original title: We're All Here
Dir: Beny Wagner
Prod: Beny Wagner, GVN908, VideoPower
Sc: Beny Wagner
Language: English
Completed: 2016

Beny Wagner:
Invisible Measure (2013), Director's Cut (2015), Obviously This Is A Girl's Apartment (2016),  Eye Farm (2016), We're All Here (2016)

Video Power
Ph: +31 6 2180 2691

Distributor: EYE Experimental
Ph: +31 20 589 1446

Festival selections: Impakt Festival 2016; PXL Krieg, Hasselt 2017; Wroclaw Media Biennal; Milwaukee Underground Film Festival 2017



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