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Welcome Home by Frans Bromet
Welcome Home

Welcome Home

A feud that has split his own Jewish family leads filmmaker Frans Bromet to a new understanding of the ongoing conflict in Israel.

Despite having a Jewish father, filmmaker Frans Bromet doesn't consider himself a Jew. But when he sets foot on Israeli soil it feels like coming home. In Israel he meets Dutch Jews who made aliyah, moved to the Holy Land, and his aunt and two second cousins whom he has never met because of a family conflict. After he disentangles the roots of the feud he wonders how if such minor misunderstandings can lead to conflicts in his own family what hope can there be of solving the Middle East’s problems?

87‘ / DCP / colour   

Original title: KLEIN KAPITAAL
Dir.: Frans Bromet
Prod: Selfmade Films   
Sc: Frans Bromet           
D.O.P.: Frans Bromet
Completed: November 2015       
Language: Dutch/English

Frans Bromet:
a.o. Things That Matter (2011, doc), SHARED CHILDREN: JELLE AND ABE (2008, doc), IN LOVE AT OLD AGE : Gré and Jaap (2008, doc), HONOR KILLINGS (2007, doc), ESCAPING THE FLOOD (2006, doc).

Selfmade Films
Ph: +31 20 606 0789

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