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Wander Around (Pilar Falco, 2020)

Wander Around

A space-time traveler traverses dimensions of matter and energy, crossing parallel, unique realities. A dream trip through her memories, nightmares and fantasies. Novel or reality? Nothing is static, nothing is permanent. Everything disintegrates.

* The film was developed, buried, painted and scratched by hand. Mounted analogically and subsequently digitized.

9' / colour

Original title: DEAMBULAR
Dir: Pilar Falco
Prod: Parquee
Completed: December 2020
Language: Spanish, Dutch, French

Pilar Falco: LUCY (2019, short), GAM (2018, short).

Ph. +49 151 57423540

Distributor: EYE Experimental

Ph.+31 20 589 1446



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