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Waiting Room by Simone van Dusseldorp
Waiting Room

Waiting Room

Sophie is on an emotional rollercoaster as she awaits her hospital results which will tell if the cancer has spread or not. But during these uncertain times, Sophie realizes she loves life.

10‘ / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: WACHTKAMER
Dir: Simone van Dusseldorp
Prod: Family Affair Films - Floor Onrust
Completed: August 2017       
Language: Dutch         

Simone van Dusseldorp:
a.o. SEX THING (2017, short), OWLS AND MICE (2016, feature), LIFE ACCORDING TO NINO (2015, feature), SECRET LETTER (2010, feature), FROGS AND TOADS (2009, feature), KOEST (2008, short), SUBIET! (2006, short), DEEP (2005, feature).

Family Affair Films
Ph: +31 20 707 1713

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