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Waiting for Giraffes by Marco De Stefanis
Waiting for Giraffes

Waiting for Giraffes

Dr. Sami, the vet of Palestine’s only zoo, wants international recognition in order to improve his establishment. But he will need the help of the Israelis…

In the Palestinian village of Qalqilya, surrounded mainly by Israeli wall, who is the more constrained, the citizens or the zoo animals? Many of the  animals were killed during the intifada and the situation is extremely difficult, but Dr. Sami, the zoo’s vet, is determined to bring back life to the zoo in the form of two new giraffes. However, the country’s grim political circumstances and the incredible task of meeting European zoo standards can test even the most resourceful of vets...

70‘ / DCP / colour   

Dir.: Marco De Stefanis
Prod: Volya Films (NL)
Co-prod: Casette for Timescapes (BE), EO (NL)       
Sc: Marco De Stefanis           
D.O.P.: Stefano Bertacchini
Completed: Early 2016       
Language: English/Arabic

Marco De Stefanis:
DAMNED CHILDREN! (2010, short doc), Tulip Time (2007, short doc), Lieve Monster (2006, short doc), Bleachers of War (2004, doc).

Volya Films
Ph: +31 10 415 5621

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