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The Voice of Holland by John Appel
Voice of Holland, The

Voice of Holland, The

A portrait of The Netherlands through speeches made at private public and political events over the course of a year.

THE VOICE OF HOLLAND is a portrait of the Netherlands in 2017 using public addresses at weddings, funerals and celebrations, but also at political meetings, protest demonstrations or nationalist gatherings. This mosaic film portrays the Netherlands as a multicultural country, one of the richest in the world, that in spite of its happiness and prosperity is in a state of anxiety and fear about the newcomers to the country, and the loss of its national traditions.

85' /  colour     

Dir: John Appel
Prod: KVFILMS - Eric Velthuis
Sc: John Appel                        
D.O.P.: John Appel, Erik van Empel
Completed: January 2018                    
Language: Dutch

John Appel:
ERITREA STARS (2015, short doc), MAGIC OF EDITING (2015, short doc), WRONG TIME, WRONG PLACE (2013, doc), AN EMPTY SPOT (2012, doc),THE PLAYER  (2010, doc) Awards: a.o. Dioraphte IDFA Award Best Dutch Documentary, THERE GOES MY HEART (2005, doc), VOICE OF THE NETHERLANDS (2004, short doc), THE LAST VICTORY (2003, doc), PROMISED LAND (2001, short doc), ANDRÉ HAZES – SHE BELIEVES IN ME (2001, doc).

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