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VIPER'S NEST over 1,5 million visitors

Dutch feature VIPER’S NEST, directed by Will Koopman, is the eleventh Dutch feature film to break the record of 1,5 million visitors.

Until now only ten other Dutch films managed to attract over 1,5 million visitors to the Dutch cinema. FLODDER was the last one with 2,3 million visitors in 1986. Other films include CISKE THE RAT (1984: 2,4 million), SOLDIER OF ORANGE (1977: 1,5 million), KATIE TIPPEL (1975: 1,8 million), TURKISH DELIGHT (1973: 3,3 million), BLUE MOVIE (1971: 2,3 million), BUSINESS IS BUSINESS (Dutch title WAT ZIEN IK, 1971: 2,6 million), THE HUMAN DUTCH (Dutch tile ALLEMAN, 1963: 1,7 million) en FANFARE (1958: 2,6 million).

VIPER’S NEST reached the status of Diamond Film within only 23 days after its theatrical release in the Netherlands on March 10, 2011, for attracting more than 1.000.000 visitors. No other Dutch movie has reached the Diamond Film status in such short period of time. VIPER’S NEST has broken the previous record of NEW KIDS TURBO (44 days).

The film is based on a very popular Dutch TV series and can be described as a Dutch variation of Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives. The film tells the story of four girlfriends who live in the bourgeois area ‘t Gooi, where life always seems to run smoothly, but dark clouds are gathering on the horizon. A flight seems the only way out…

VIPER’S NEST is produced by Talpa Fictie in co-production with Column Film and Millstreet Films. The film is distributed in the Netherlands by Independent Films.

For more information:

Millstreet Films
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Independent Films
Eline de Boer
Ph:    +31 20 531 4269
Mob: +31 6 5024 7741

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