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Viper's Nest 2 by Will Koopman
Viper's Nest 2

Viper's Nest 2

When Claire returns from Burkina Faso, she is totally transformed and her girlfriends barely recognize her. Cheryl discovers Martin is cheating on her yet again and for her, this time it's the last straw: she files for divorce. Anouk, also unhappy with her love life, threatens to develop an eating disorder. Roelien, however, accepts Evert's wedding proposal. Then, a fatal and thoroughly bizarre accident transports the girlfriends to the snowy mountaintops of Austria...

104' / DCP / colour

Genre: comedy
Original title: GOOISCHE VROUWEN 2
Dir: Will Koopman
Prod: Talpa Fictie
Sc: Frank Houtappels
D.O.P.: Tom Erisman
Completed: November 2014
Language: Dutch/English
Cast: Linda de Mol (VIPER'S NEST, THE DARK HOUSE), Tjitske Reidinga (VIPER'S NEST, THE RENOVATION), Susan Visser (VIPER'S NEST, TAPED), Lies Visschedijk (SOOF, IT'S ALL SO QUIET).

Will Koopman:
a.o. THE RENOVATION (2012, feature), VIPER'S NEST (2011, feature), THE DARK HOUSE (2009, feature).

Talpa Fictie
Ph: +31 35 533 3539


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