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Ventoux by Nicole van Kilsdonk


A feel good film about four men, old friends, who decide to climb Mont Ventoux on their bikes, as they did 30 years before. On the way to the top they talk, mainly looking for answers to questions from the past and the present. And they do what men do so well, alternating between heavy seriousness and airy trivialities.

90' / DCP / colour

Genre: feel good bicycle film
Original title: VENTOUX
Dir: Nicole van Kilsdonk
Prod: KeyFilm (NL)
Co-prod: Prime Time (BE)
Sc: Nicole van Kilsdonk, Bert Wagendorp
D.O.P.: Anton Mertens
Completed: March 2015
Language: Dutch
Cast: Kasper van Kooten (ALL STARS 2: OLD STARS, THE LOONIES), Wilfried de Jong (THE BEAST IN ME), Wim Opbrouck (IT'S ALL SO QUIET, ISABELLE), Leopold Witte (VIPER'S NEST)

Festivals a.o.:
Cairo International Women's Film Festival

Nicole van Kilsdonk:
a.o. IN THE HEART (2014, feature), TAKING CHANCES (2011, feature) Awards: a.o. EFCA Award BUFF FF, Best Film Stuttgart Children's FF, HEADING WEST (2010, feature), HOW TO SURVIVE MYSELF (2008, feature), JOHAN (2004, feature) Awards: Best Film Houston FF, Best Director Palm Beach FF,
MAKING WAVES (2003, TV film) Award: Golden Calf Best TV Drama Netherlands FF, MORNING SWIMMERS (2001, TV film).

Ph: +31 20 423 1596


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