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Variete by Roelof van den Bergh
Variété - A juggler tries to keep all plates up in the air, but there are just too many


A plate spinning act pictures our modern lives; deceptively simple as we start, but as we grow older the demands increase. Like the spinning plates, everybody around us needs attention; partners, friends, children; an endless list. Choreographed to the invigorating music of Khachaturian the variety act rushes towards the inevitable (Animated film, 5', 35mm).

Directed by Roelof van den Bergh
Producer: il Luster Productions, ph. +31 30 2400 768


Krok International Animated Films Festival 09


Dutch Academy Entry Best Animated Film 2009
Krok International Animated Films Festival 09 - Prize Best Film Up to 5 Minutes



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