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Urban Rascals by Joost Ranzijn
Urban Rascals

Urban Rascals

A notorious pickpocket arrested at a clumsy robbery of an older woman. After prison the thief meets unexpected his victim.

A notorious pickpocket falls in love with a beautiful Syrian singer, but after the clumsy robbery of an older woman he is caught and imprisoned. When he is released, however, he unexpectedly meets his elderly victim and they become close friends as she helps him find the right path. But then he becomes involved with his old friends again…
A film with real criminal kids in the leading roles.

78’ / DCP / colour

Genre: action comedy, youth
Original title: NIKS AAN DE HAND
Dir: Joost Ranzijn
Prod: Zig Zag Film       
Sc: Joost Ranzijn           
D.O.P.: Eric Lor
Completed: October 2013       
Language: Dutch/Syrian
Cast: Jermaine Sapulette, Daniela Kara, Annie Beumers,  Mashud Elia, Lilly Kleimeijer.       

Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth

Joost Ranzijn:

Second feature film.
a.o. THE MULTI CULTI STORY (2008, feature).

Zig Zag Film
Ph: +31 20 626 8302

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