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Undercover by Boris Paval Conen


When young female police officer Nurgül Özdemir is assigned an undercover mission in Amsterdam she must leave behind her homesick father and dependent mother in an attempt to find out what she wants with her life. In Amsterdam, Nurgül gets to play a key role in the exposure of a drug dealer but during the mission finds out secrets about her long lost brother - and the real reason why she was sent to Amsterdam...

84' / DCP / colour

Genre: thriller, drama
Original title: UNDERCOVER
Dir: Boris Paval Conen
Prod: Dutch Mountain Film
Co-prod: KRO, NCRV
Sc: Boris Paval Conen
D.O.P.: Lennart Verstegen
Completed: November 2014
Language: Dutch/Turkish/English
Cast: Meral Polat (FIDGETY BRAM, ODD ONE OUT), Nasrdin Dchar (THE INTRUDER, WOLF), Romijn Conen (EXIT, SISTER), Ali Ben Horsting (LIVE!, HEAVEN).

Boris Paval Conen:
a.o. BETWEEN ENTRANCE AND EXIT (2013, short), EXIT (2013, feature), MISTER BRAKER (2012, short), FIRST MISSION (2010, feature), MIGRATING BIRD (2009, short), CAR MEN (2006, short) Awards: a.o. Prix Italia, Grand Prize IF Films on Art, DILEMMA (2005, short) Awards: a.o. Grand Prize Tehran Short FF.

Dutch Mountain Film
Ph: +31 20 688 1843

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