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Uncle Hank by Elbert van Strien
Uncle Hank

Uncle Hank

It’s not so easy to get rid of Uncle Hank.

Student Koen escapes a street robbery by claiming that top criminal Hank de Koning is his uncle. But he gets into deeper trouble a few days later when ‘Uncle’ Hank knocks on his door. Because Koen is asked to return the favour to Uncle Hank, and that is a request he cannot refuse…

92’ / 35mm & DCP / colour

Genre: crime comedy
Original title: OOM HENK
Prod: Stetz Film
Dir: Elbert van Strien 
Sc: Bert Bouma   
D.O.P.: Ezra Reverda
Completed: January 2012  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Tobias Nierop, Hans Kesting (NIGHT RUN, WIN/WIN), Bert Luppes, Salllie Harmsen (LOFT, THE HEINEKEN KIDNAPPING).  

Elbert van Strien:
Second feature film.
TWO EYES STARING (2010, feature) Awards: a.o. Grand Prix Best Film and Best Script Fantasporto, Special Mention Strasbourg European Fantastic FF, STILL WORLD (2005, short), HIDDEN FACE (2004, short) Awards: a.o. Silver Méliès Espoo Ciné Int. FF, Hans Christian Andersen Award Odense FF.

Contact: Bind
Ph: +31 20 364 0030



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