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Turn It Around by Niels Bourgonje
Turn It Around

Turn It Around

When Bram (15) meets Florian at a house party, he immediately falls for him. There is only one problem: nobody knows that Bram is gay.

9’ / colour

Genre: drama, LGBTQ, coming of age
Original title: Turn It Around
Dir: Niels Bourgonje
Prod: Worldvisuals Film - Francois Pieneman   
Sc: Paul Bontenbal
Completed: June 2017   
Language: Dutch   

Niels Bourgonje:
SKOGAFOSS (2017, short), BUDDY (2015, short), DESERTED (2015, short), NEIGHBOURS (2015, short), PEACE AND QUIET (2014, short), ORDER (2012, short), BURN (2008, short).

Worldvisuals Film
Ph: +31 6 1445 0227

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