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Tuesday Blues by Ditteke Mensink
Tuesday Blues

Tuesday Blues

Every Tuesday is D-day, when the art students of The Ateliers receive feedback on their work by well-known artists.

TUESDAY BLUES follows the students of The Ateliers during their academic year. We see the process of them getting feedback from, and being judged by, tutors and renowned artists alike, and we see the life of a student at the academy. We also see how, for the first time, the academy is threatened with closure.

90’ / DCP / colour   

Original title: DE ATELIERS
Dir: Ditteke Mensink
Prod: Interakt               
D.O.P.: Gregor Meerman, Maarten van Rossem
Language: Dutch/English (English subtitles)   

Ditteke Mensink:
a.o. FAREWELL (2009, doc) Awards: Golden Calf Best Documentary Netherlands FF, ROOM WITH A VIEW (2001, short doc), BLEEKNEUSJE (1998, short doc), IS ‘T NU AL LIEFDE (1998, short doc).

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