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The Trial by Maria Ramos
The Trial

Trial, The

Following the impeachment trial of Brazil's first female President, this film witnesses the profound political crisis and collapse of democratic institutions.

THE TRIAL is a documentary film about the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s first female President. The film portrays the “judicial political” trial first at the Senate focusing on the President’s Defence Team: her lawyer and three senators who struggle to prove the President’s innocence against a majority vote by a Congress riddled with corruption.

135' / colour
Genre: documentary
Original title: O PROCESSO
Dir: Maria Ramos
Prod: Nofoco Filmes (BR)
Co-prod: Conijn Film (NL) - Wout Conijn, Autentika Films (DE)
Sc: Maria Ramos
D.O.P. : Alan Schvarsberg
Completed: January 2018
Language: Portuguese

Maria Ramos:

FUTURE JUNE (2015, doc) Awards: a.o. Best Director at Rio FF, SECA (DROUGHT) (2015, doc), Awards: a.o. Merit Prize at Taiwan Int. Doc. FF, HILL OF PLEASURES (2013, doc)
Awards: Best Director, Best Photography and Best Sound at the National FF in Brasília, BEHAVE (2007, doc) Awards: a.o. FIPRESCI Award at DOK Leipzig, JUSTICE (2004, doc) Awards: a.o.: Grand Prix at ‘Visions du Réel’, Grand Prix at Taiwan Int. Doc. FF, Amnesty Award at CPH Doc: Copenhagen, DESI (2000, doc) Awards: Audience Award at the IDFA, Golden Calf for best documentary film at the Netherlands FF.

Conijn Film:
Ph: +31 6 4123 5289

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