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Transit Havana by Daniel Abma
Transit Havana

Transit Havana

Cuba knows Mariela Castro - Raul's daughter and Fidel's niece - as the champion of gay rights. Under her inspiring guidance, the state recently started a treatment programme for Cuban transgenders whereby all expenses are reimbursed, and the medical treatment is top notch. Is the poor communist island changing into a paradise for transgenders? And are the Cuban transgenders the symbol of growing freedom? And can all these social changes in Cuba neatly fit within the remit of the socialist dictatorship?

90' / DCP / colour

Original title: TRANSIT HAVANA
Dir: Daniel Abma
Prod: Witfilm (NL)
Co-prod: Kloos & Co (DE), HFF (DE)
Sc: Alex Bakker
D.O.P.: Johannes Praus
Completed: September 2015
Language: Spanish/Dutch/English

Daniel Abma:
Second feature length documentary.
a.o. BEYOND WRIEZEN (2012, doc) Awards: Audience Award Docudays Kiev, Best Documentary and Best Editing Sehsüchte Filmfestival Potsdam, HOLANDA DEL SOL (2013, short doc), GABRIELLA AND THE GOLDEN BOYS (2011, short doc), HANNES - ABOUT PAPAS AND POWER RANGER (2011, short doc), OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIALLY (2011, short doc), LOTHAR ERDMANN (2010, short doc).

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