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How do you react when you are told you have an incurable illness?

When producer Kees Rijninks, the husband of filmmaker Carmen Cobos, is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease both feel their world falling apart. Over the course of a year they turn the lens on themselves and their neurologist, as well as follow a group of incurably ill patients and their partners, to seek an answer. Can they find the resilience to give their lives a positive meaning in what seem like hopeless circumstances?

78' / colour

Original title: SAMEN
Dir: Carmen Cobos
Prod: Cobos Films BV - Kees Rijninks
Sc: Kees Rijninks, Carmen Cobos
D.O.P.: John Appel
Completed: October 2019
Language: Dutch, English

Carmen Cobos:
CAT STORIES (2018, doc), DANIELE GATTI - OVERTURE TO A CONDUCTOR (2016, doc), NELSONS Nº5 (2015, doc), IMPERFECT HARMONY (2014, doc).

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