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Three Wavelengths by Mikko Keskiivari
Three Wavelengths

Three Wavelengths

In a small village in the Finnish countryside there’s a TV-tower that resonates in the wind, in three different frequencies. This land mark plays a central role in Rook, a short documentary video, exploring ideas of scale, distance and perception through a dialogue between two different perspectives in two different times, connected through the physical space and the family relation of the main characters. What makes us change our perspective to see the peculiar in something familiar; and what happens to us when we realize our size in relation to society or nature?

9’ / HD file / colour

Genre: experimental, documentary
Original title: Kolme Taajuutta
Dir: Mikko Keskiivari
Prod: Mikko Keskiivari
Sc: Mikko Keskiivari
Language: Finnish, English subtitles
Completed: 2016

Mikko Keskiivari:
Wanderers {2016, installation),  Dolly The Duck {2015, short),  Quiet Feast {2014-2015, co-dir multimedia project with Diana Luganski),  Trench {2012 fashion film co-dir. with Diana Luganski); ENGAGE {2012| doc)  Lacking Limbs With Digits {2011video work), Strange Walls {2011 short  co dir. with Martta Tuomaala)  I am YouTube {2010 doc)

Nederlandse Filmacademie
Ph: +31 20 527 7333

Distributor: EYE Experimental
Ph: +31 20 589 1446

Festival selections: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017

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