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The Terrestrials by René Daalder
Terrestrials, The

Terrestrials, The

Six students digitize the archive of the late Timothy Leary, granting his final wish for a “permanent home in cyberspace.”

Six students at UC Santa Cruz land a summer job digitizing the archive of the late LSD guru and futurist Timothy Leary, to finally grant him his wish to have a permanent home in cyberspace. As Leary's life is documented in the footage from the archive (much of which is currently made public via the Internet Archive), the film tells the story of the students' own psychedelic re-evaluation of reality while looking at Leary's legacy in a surprisingly fresh way.

84’ / video / colour 

Dir: René Daalder
Prod: Staccato Films (NL), Co-prod: American Scenes (USA), AVRO (NL)  
Sc: René Daalder, Megan May Daalder, Kurt Frey   
Completed: November 2010  
Language: English 

René Daalder:
THE TERRESTRIALS (2010, doc), HERE IS ALWAYS SOMEWHERE ELSE (2007, doc), HYSTERIA (1998, feature), HABITAT (1997, feature), POPULATION: 1 (1986, feature), MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH (1976, feature), THE WHITE SLAVE (1969, feature), BODY AND SOUL 2 (1967, short doc), BODY AND SOUL (1966, short doc).

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