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The Sex Police by Roy Dames
Sex Police, The

Sex Police, The

The Hague's vice squad combats human trafficking and exploitation of prostitutes while dealing with the pressure of procedures and political policies.

This film shows the commercial vice team on their nightly routine visits to the red light district, on brothel inspections and processing potential victims of human trafficking back at the police station. Their work is to filter out what is real within the often complex victim statements. The detectives involved often talk candidly about the murky world of prostitution and the inner workings of human trafficking.

90’ / video / colour    

Original title: DE SEKSPOLITIE
Dir: Roy Dames
Prod: KeyDocs   
Sc: Roy Dames           
D.O.P.: Roy Dames
Completed: November 2012       
Language: Dutch/English/Hungarian/Bulgarian/German/Italian/Albanian (English subtitles)   

Roy Dames:
a.o. MOCROS (2011, doc), WRONG FELLOWS (2010, doc), I AM MOHAMMED (2005, doc), BETWEEN DOPE AND LOVE (2004, doc), ANDREW AND RASA, A MODERN LOVE STORY (2002, doc).      


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