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The Blitz by Ate de Jong
Blitz, The

Blitz, The

A thrilling love story between a young boxer and a German girl, set against a Second World War backdrop.

When war breaks out in the Netherlands, a passionate and thrilling love story explodes into life between young boxer Vincent and the German Eva, who is betrothed to the middle-aged Dirk in order to save her family. But the day that the centre of Rotterdam is bombed, the young lovers lose sight of each other…

110’ / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: HET BOMBARDEMENT
Dir: Ate de Jong
Prod: Fu Works, Talent United
Co-prod: In-Soo Productions (NL), TROS (NL), U-Media (BE)       
Sc: Ate de Jong, Paul Ruven           
D.O.P.: Gabor Szabo
Completed: December 2012       
Language: Dutch/German/English
Cast: Jan Smit, Roos van Erkel, Monic Hendrickx (Lotus, UNFINISHED SKY), Mike Weerts.  

Festivals and awards:
WorldFest Houston International Film Festival - Remi Special Jury Award
Stony Brook Film Festival - Audience Choice Best Feature Award 

Ate de Jong:
a.o. FOGBOUND (2002, feature), ALL MEN ARE MORTAL (1995, feature), HIGHWAY TO HELL (1991, feature), DROP DEAD FRED (1991, feature), SHADOW OF VICTORY (1986, feature), BURNING LOVE (1983, feature), A FLIGHT OF RAINBIRDS (1981, feature).

Fu Works
Ph: +31 20 530 7110


Sales: Mountain Road Entertainment Group
Ph: +31 35 623 5559

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