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The Restless Dread Of Some(thing) Evill (Silvia Martes, 2020)

Restless Dread Of Some(thing) Evil, The

We enter a dystopian world in which all human beings have a body part removed based on a conviction that such amputations will enable them to extend their lifespan. Most undergo removal of the tongue, so that they will no longer waste energy by speaking. At a facility that specializes in these operations appears for the first time a young black woman who wants to get rid of her heart. Holding the time-honoured view of the heart as the seat of emotions, she hopes to achieve a state of rational imperturbability. The philosophical mind-body problem is hereby exposed through a discussion of monism and Cartesian dualism. The lack of expression of the other actors, in combination with the clinical pastel decor, forms a pointed contrast with the largely unspoken restlessness of the protagonist.

17'17" / HD File / colour 

Genre: experimental, fiction
Dir: Silvia Martes
Prod: Silvia Martes
Sc: Silvia Martes
Language: Dutch, English
Completed: 2020

Silvia Martes filmography (all short): As things Go (2016) Awards : ShortsTV Pitch prize at the NFF 2016.Where the Pink Roses Bloom Even In November (2017)Terra Incognita (2018)

Distributor: EYE Experimental

Ph: +31 20 589 1446

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