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The Price of Sugar by Jean van de Velde
Price of Sugar, The

Price of Sugar, The

Suriname 1770. Two half-sisters are inextricably linked to one another. One is mulatto and a slave, the other white and her mistress.

The story of two young women in eighteenth-century Suriname, the white Sarith (Gaite Jansen) and her slave Mini Mini (Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing). As Sarith becomes embittered by her hard life in the colony, Mini Mini is offered her own chance at happiness. But can she dare to take it at the expense of her mistress?    

120’ / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: HOE DUUR WAS DE SUIKER
Dir: Jean van de Velde
Prod: Cool Beans (NL), PV Pictures (NL)
Co-prod: Comet Film (DE), Muscle Productions (SA)
Sc: Jean van de Velde          
D.O.P.: Giulio Biocari
Language: Dutch
Cast: Gaite Jansen (LOTUS, 170 HZ), Yootha, Wong-Loi-Sing 
Completed: September 2013 

Jean van de Velde:
a.o. The Silent Army (2009, feature), Floris (2004, feature), Leak (2000, feature).

PV Pictures

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