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The New World by Jaap van Heusden
New World, The

New World, The

A chance meeting between a Dutch cleaner and an African asylum seeker leads to an unexpected relationship and ten extraordinary days.

Mirte is the grumpiest cleaner in the airport immigration centre, a single mother who cannot take care of her 9-year old son, just managing to keep a grip on her life by following a strict set of routines. That is until Luke arrives, a West African refugee who is not put off by her aggression. During the ten days of his asylum procedure their disruptive encounters lead to an unexpected relationship that will challenge Mirte to change her life.

90’ / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: DE NIEUWE WERELD
Prod: IJswater Films
Dir: Jaap van Heusden
Co-prod: NTR       
Sc: Rogier de Blok           
D.O.P.: Jan Moeskops
Completed: January 2013       
Language: Dutch/English
Cast: Bianca Krijgsman (ALFIE THE LITTLE WEREWOLF, BENNIE BRAT), Isaka Sawadogo (CABO, SALIF).

Festivals & awards a.o:
International Film Festival Rotterdam - Bright Future Selection - world premiere
The Washington DC International Film Festival - Winner SIGNIS Award
Film Festival Ciné Droit Libre, Burkino Faso - Official selection
Melbourne International Film Festival - Winner Runner up Award TeleScope Competition
Warsaw Film Festival International Film Festival - Competition                                         
International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg - Special Mention International Jury
Braunschweig International Film Festival - Winner Heinrich Award/Runner up Public Prize                                  
Sichuan TV Festival China - Nominated Best Screenplay & Best Actor                                                                                                                       
Anchorage International Film Festival - 2nd Prize Golden Oosikar Award
Emmy Award for Best Actress for Bianca Krijgsman

Jaap van Heusden:
Second feature film.
a.o. DRONE (2011, short), WIN/WIN (2010, feature), ONE DAY (2008, short), ANDERMAN (2006, short doc), PARPARIM (2006, short).

IJswater Films
Ph: +31 20 442 1760

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