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The New Saint by Allard Detiger
New Saint, The

New Saint, The

How an ordinary soldier became an icon for the Russian people: the story of saint Yevgeny and his mother.

Yevgeny Rodionov was once an ordinary Russian soldier. But after being killed in Chechnya, he became a holy martyr in the battle against Islam. The church, army and people of Russia embrace the new saint as an example of patriarchal self-sacrifice. The saint’s mother, unable to get over her loss, becomes an ambassador for this religious icon, while young soldiers are getting ready to follow in the footsteps of their hero.

70’ / video / colour 

Dir: Allard Detiger
Prod: Volya Films (NL), Co-prod: Serendipity Films (BE)  
Sc: Allard Detiger   
Completed: November 2010  
Language: Russian (English subtitles) 

Allard Detiger:
First feature length documentary.
a.o. KASPAROV'S OTHER RUSSIA (2008, short doc), KRESTY, HOPE DIES LAST (2006, short doc), WE LOVE PUTIN (2003, short doc).

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