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The Lie by Robert Oey
Lie, The

Lie, The

Reconstruction of the political drama around Ayaan Hirsi Ali that heralded the fall of the Dutch cabinet.

A musical documentary on a subject close to all Dutch people: truth and lies in politics. The film exposes the motives surrounding the drama in which feminist activist and politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali was accused of lying about her identity. In this political story we are also told the personal tale of the young girl Sadaf, who sought asylum years ago. THE LIE demonstrates the human side of Dutch politics, while revealing how Holland deals with the thorny immigration issue.

93’ / 35mm / colour  

Dir: Robert Oey
Prod: Interakt   
Language: Dutch/English (English subtitles) 

Robert Oey:
First feature length documentary.
THE SWIMMERS (2007, doc), SAFETY FIRST (2007, short doc), 24-7 (2005, doc), WONDERLAND (2004, doc), MARATHON MAN (2001, doc), TOXIC (2000, doc).

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