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The Last Male on Earth by Floor van der Meulen
The Last Male on Earth

The Last Male on Earth

The last remaining male northern white rhino on earth is dying. Mankind gathers around him to catch a glimpse. Or to even save him. How does this reflect on us?

In March 2018, the last male northern white rhino remaining on earth died. His name was Sudan. Ever since he was the last one, armed bodyguards protected him, tourists were standing in line to take a photo with him and, still now, scientists are determined to find ways to reproduce the species. For even though the irony of man's (self) destructive dominance on earth has become clear to most people, Sudan stands majestically in the midst of it all, like a mirror image of our own megalomania.

72' / colour
Genre: Documentary
Original title: Devil's Pie - D'Angelo
Dir: Floor van der Meulen
Prod: Een van de jongens
Co-prod: Cassette for Timescapes
Sc: Floor van der Meulen, Renko Douze
D.O.P.: Christian Paulussen
Completed: March 2019
Language: English, Swahili, German

Floor van der Meulen
First feature length documentary. Methusalem (exp. 2021, fiction) - in development The Last Male on Earth (2019, doc) - CPH:DOX Greetings From Aleppo (2017, short doc) - IFFR, DOK Leipzig a.o. In Exile (2016, fiction) - Dutch Academy Awards (2 nominations 1 win) 9 Days - From My Window in Aleppo (2015, short doc) - IFFR, DOK Leipzig, Best Short at BFI Film Festival, Best Short at European Film Awards, a.o. Storming Paradise (2014, short doc) - Al Jazeera, ZDF, DOK Leipzig, a.o

Een van de jongens

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