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The Hell of '63 by Steven de Jong
Hell of '63, The - the story of four ice skaters on that fateful freezing day in 1963

Hell of '63, The

Four stories typify the spirit of the 10,000 skaters on that fateful freezing day in 1963.

This film is based on the true facts of that fateful day in 1963 when, due to plunging temperatures and rough terrain, thousands of skaters suffered frostbite and shocking injuries. Only a small number would cross the finish-line, but for those who did, it was to be a life-changing event! (108’, 35mm)

Directed by Steven de Jong
Original Title: DE HEL VAN ‘63
Screenplay: Steven de Jong, Maarten Lebens, Jean Ummels
Prod: Steven de Jong Producties

2010 Emden International Film Festival (Germany) - 3rd prize - Bernhard Wicki Award

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28-12-2009  The Hell of ‘63 - Golden Film

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