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The Girl and Death by Jos Stelling

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The Girl and Death US release

April 3, 2014

Dutch feature The Girl and Death will have a theatrical release in the U.S. opening in New York on April 25 and in Los Angeles on May 23. The Girl and Death is directed by Jos Stelling, who co-wrote the script with Bert Rijkelijkhuizen, and produced by Jos Stelling Films (NL) in co-production with ma.ja.de fiction (DE). The film is released by Shadow Distribution who acquired the US distribution rights from FCCE who are handling the international sales.

Acclaimed director Jos Stelling’s The Girl and Death has won three Golden Calves from the Netherlands Film Festival including Best Picture, Best Sound Design and Best Cinematography and at the Milan International Film Festival it received the Leonardo’s Horse Award for both Best Cinematography and Best Production Design.

A major international film auteur with a beloved presence in Russia, Italy and throughout Eastern Europe, Dutch-born Stelling has received wide praise and won many awards for his films over the years including The Pointsman, The Illusionist, The Flying Dutchman and Duska (Official Dutch submission for 2008 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar). Stelling’s unique cinema is based on idiosyncratic humor, stunning images and large emotions.

Like the great classic plays of Anton Chekhov and poetry of Alexander Pushkin, The Girl and Death is a story about a love obstructed by materialism, wealth and the threat of death in a time that seems to exist miraculously outside of time.

The Girl an Death stars Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks (Golden Calf Best Supporting Actress for Duska in 2007; Shooting Star Berlinale 2011; female lead in Giuseppe Tornatore’s The Best Offer, 2013), Leonid Bichevin from Russia (male lead in Alexei Balabanov’s Cargo 200 and Morphine) and also Sergey Makovetsky, Renata Litvinova, Dieter Hallervorden and Svetlana Svetlichnaya.

For more information:

Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=09HZ38r4DEM

Jos Stelling Films
Ph: +31 30 231 3789

Sales: FCCE
Ph: +31 20 630 1030

Shadow Distribution

U.S. Publicity:
Brian Geldin Public Relations

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