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The Dinner Club by Robert jan Westdijk
Dinner Club, The

Dinner Club, The

A woman tries to save her self-respect and marriage despite the sinister pressure from the Dinner Club she once adored.

Karen (32) and Michel (36) move with their daughter to an exclusive residential area. She soon finds a new close circle of friends: the women of the Dinner Club, and their husbands. But when two of the Club members commit suicide under suspicious circumstances, Karen starts to have second thoughts about her new friends. She has to choose: will she reveal the truth and dish the dirt, or will she protect the interests of the Dinner Club?

90’ / 35mm / colour

Dir: Robert Jan Westdijk
Prod: Infinity Film & TV Productions  
Sc: Robert Jan Westdijk, Marjan Lammers    
Language: Dutch
Cast: Bracha van Doesburgh (KILLER BABES, HEAT/HARARA), Thom Hoffman (THE EVENINGS, BLACK BOOK), Halina Reijn (BLACK BOOK, VALKYRIE), Angela Schijf (I LOVE YOU TOO, GODFORSAKEN!).
Completed: 2010
Robert Jan Westdijk:
LITTLE SISTER (1995, feature) Awards: a.o. Jury Special Prize and Audience Award Toronto FF of Young Cinema, Silver Alexander Thessaloniki FF, Golden Tulip Istanbul Int. FF, SIBERIA (1998, feature), PHILEINE SAYS SORRY (2003, feature),THE REAL LIFE (2008, feature).

Infinity Film & TV Productions
Ph: +31 35 683 9393

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06-12-2010  Dinner Club Golden Film

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