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The Craft (Monira Al Qadiri, 2018)
The Craft

Craft, The

"The Craft" is a film that revolves around childish fictions laced with serious suspicions towards the real world.  Using the lens of family history, the film dissects the artist's own past to reexamine an uncanny relationship taking place in the shadows of her major life events: "Were my parents conspiring with aliens behind my back?" Reality gradually disintegrates like quicksand around this central question, as paranoia and speculation begin to take hold. Futuristic architecture, popular culture, dream readings, junk food, alien abductions, geopolitics, international diplomacy, war and peace; all of these once solid staples of modern life now become tinted with a general sense of distrust, overshadowing everything.  Like a ticking time bomb at the center of the nuclear family unit, the suspicion reaches a crescendo when the protagonist suddenly discovers that the American century has finally ended.

16' / DCP / colour

Genre: experimental
Original filmtitle: The Craft
Producer: Monira Al Qadiri
Scenario: Monira Al Qadiri
Language: English
Completed: 2018

Festival Selections: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2019, Pluk de Nacht Festival Amsterdam 2019

Monira Al Qadiri: (all short) Visual Violence (2005), Nightmare (2006), Prism (2007), The Black Moon (2007), WAHIDA (2007), "Wa Waila" Oh Torment (2008), Rumors of Affluence (2012), "Abu Athiyya" Father of Pain (2013), Behind the Sun (2013), SOAP (2014), Travel Prayer (2014), The Craft (2017)

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