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Taste of Desire, The

Taste of Desire, The

The film uses the oyster and its sensual and lavish associations as a symbol to explore human drives and desires. The oyster takes us on a trip around the world, in which protagonists that all have their own special relationship to the oyster share their ambitions, desires and existential fears. This cinematic documentary explores the intricate nature of our deepest yearnings and quest for self-fulfillment.

86’ / colour

Original title: THE TASTE OF DESIRE
Prod: HALAL (NL)- Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen
Co-prod: Casette for Timescapes (BE) 
Sc: Willemiel Kluijfhout 
D.O.P.: Remko Schnorr
Completed: spring 2020
Language: English, French, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese

Willemiek Kluijfhout:
a.o. SERGIO HERMAN FUCKING PERFECT (2015, doc) Awards: Special Jury Prize-Seattle IFF, Special Jury Prize Best Feature Doc-Devour FF Canada, MUSSELS IN LOVE (2012, doc), BALL POSSESSION (2007, short) Awards: a.o. Best Comedy Award-Very Short Movies FF Hollywood.

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