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Taking Chances by Nicole van Kilsdonk
Taking Chances

Taking Chances

Kiek devises a unique way of dealing with her worries about her father.

Kiek is worried as her father works in a war zone. To lengthen the odds of her father getting hurt, she comes up with a strange and unique idea: she needs a dead dog and a dead mouse, because Kiek doesn't know one person who has a dead mouse, a dead dog and a dead father. Surely the odds against that are enormous?

87’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: youth
Original title: PATATJE OORLOG
Dir: Nicole van Kilsdonk
Prod: Lemming Film
Co-prod: A Private View (BE)  
Sc: Lotte Tabbers   
D.O.P.: Jeroen de Bruin
Completed: October 2011  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Pippa Allen, Johnny de Mol (TUNNELVISION, VOX POPULI), Rifka Lodeizen (AMONG US, LENA).

Festivals a.o:
Berlin International Film Festival
Malmö Filmfestival - BUFF
Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival
Stockholm International Film Festival for Children
Kyoto Children's Film Festival - Kinder Film Fest
Festival International de Cinema de Jeunesse de Rimouski
Brazilian Kids Film Festival
Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth - Buster
Frankfurt Internationales Kinderfilmfestival - Lucas
Giffoni Film Festival
Seoul International Youth Film Festival
Krakow Children's Film Festival - Galicja
Cologne Children's Film Festival - Cinepänz
Poznan International Young Audience Film Festival - ALE KINO
Seattle Children's Film Festival
Dhaka International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh
Bangalore International Children’s Film Festival - Children's India

Nicole van Kilsdonk:

a.o. HEADING WEST (2010, feature), SECURITY (2009, TV film), HOW TO SURVIVE MYSELF (2008, feature), JOHAN (2004, feature) Awards: Best Film Houston FF, Best Director Palm Beach FF,
MAKING WAVES (2003, TV film) Award: Golden Calf Best TV Drama Netherlands FF, MORNING SWIMMERS (2001, TV film).

Lemming Film
Ph: +31 20 661 0424

Sales: Attraction Distribution
Ph: + 1 514 846 1222


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