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My adventures by V. Swchwrm by Froukje Tan
My adventures by V. Swchwrm

My adventures by V. Swchwrm

Every adventure begins with a single sentence…

MY ADVENTURES is the autobiography of Swchwrm (9), who has only one ambition: to become a writer of books that leave people astounded. And while he struggles with his opening sentences, he also intends to fall in love, and so he practises both day and night, in secret. Finally, at the end of by far the saddest day of his life, he writes an adventure that moves even the seemingly impenetrable Queen, for whom suffering is ’mundane’, to tears.

85’ / 35mm / colour

Genre: family
Original title: SWCHWRM
Prod: Flinck Film
Co-prod: AVRO, Kasander Film
Dir: Froukje Tan  
Sc: Helena van der Meulen   
D.O.P.: Harm Griekspoor
Completed: February 2012  
Language: Dutch
Cast: Georgina Verbaan (LOTUS, FROGS AND TOADS), Hans Dagelet (HEMEL, BON VOYAGE). 

BUSTER - Copenhagen International Children's Film Festival
LUCAS - Frankfurt International Children's Film Festival
Stockholm International Children's Film Festival - Junior
Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth
Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival
Giffoni International Film Festivallm Festival
Cinekid - Amsterdam International Children's Film, Television & New Media Festival

Froukje Tan:
Second feature film.
a.o. LEFT (2008, feature), MARY’S PROPERTY (2005, TV film), SUNDAY (2004, TV film), THE BOY WHO DIDN’T UNDERSTAND ANYBODY (2002, short), SHOVING & SHUFFLING (2000, TV doc).

Flinck Film
Ph: +31 20 570 3130

Sales: Attraction Distribution
Ph: + 1 514 846 1222

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