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Summer With Rana by Sanne Vogel
Summer With Rana

Summer With Rana

Suzan strikes up an unlikely friendship with Syrian refugee Rana and they spend a summer together until Suzan's mother goes missing.

Left on her own with her grandmother, Suzan strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Syrian refugee called Rana and they spend a happy summer together until Suzan's war reporter mother goes missing in a war zone.

68’ / colour

Genre: family
Original title: ZOMER ZONDER MAMA
Dir: Sanne Vogel
Prod: JoCo Media B.V (NL)
Co-prod: KRO-NCRV (NL)  
Sc: Kate Brown   
D.O.P.: Martijn Melis
Completed: February 2019
Language: Dutch
Cast: Polleke van der Sman (GLIMP, MEES KEES), Nuraan Darwish, Anneke Blok (TIRAMISU, SOOF, IT'S ALL LOVE).

Sanne Vogel:
BRASSERIE VALENTINE (2016, feature), HEART STREET (2014, feature), SHORT (2013, short), SMALL (2011, short).

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