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Strong Dutch presence @ Hot Docs 2015

18 March 2015

No less than five documentaries from the Netherlands have been selected for the upcoming edition of the Hot Docs Festival, which takes place April 23 to May 3rd.


Around the World in 50 Concerts by Heddy Honigmann

Around the world in 50 concerts
Dir: Heddy Honigmann
Prod: Cobos Films, info@cobosfilms.nl, www.cobosfilms.nl
Sales: NPO Sales, www.nposales.com
Supported by: Netherlands Filmfund, CoBO Fund & VSB Fund
In 2013 the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra toured the whole world to celebrate its 125th anniversary: 50 concerts spread over 6 continents.
(Canadian Premiere, 94')


Those who feel the Fire Burning
Those Who Feel the Fire Burning

Dir: Morgan Knibbe
Prod: BALDR Film, info@baldrfilm.nl, www.baldrfilm.nl
Supported by: Netherlands Filmfund
Unconventional, poetic documentary about the hopeless existence of refugees at the South European border.
(Canadian Premiere, 74')

Over the Rainbow

Dir: Tara Fallaux
Prod: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, olivia@oliviasophie.com, www.overtherainbow.tv
Supported by: Netherlands Filmfund, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Cinecrowd.
Leny came out of the closet aged 68. Since then she has thrown herself into lesbian life, making up for lost time

(International Premiere, 40')


Giovanni and the Water Ballet

Dir: Astrid Bussink
Prod: Een van de Jongens, jongens@eenvandejongens.nl, www.eenvandejongens.nl
Supported by: Media fund
Giovanni (10) wants to compete in the Dutch Synchronized Swimming Championships, but this is considered a typical girls’ sport.
(Canadian Premiere, 17')

Dir: Eefje Blankevoort
Prod: Witfilm, info@witfilm.nl, www.witfilm.nl
Supported by: Media fund and Kinderpostzegels
Hoe is het om als kind ergens volkomen nieuw te zijn? In deze documentaire wordt Tanans, een achtjarig Congolees jongetje, gevolgd tijdens zijn eerste weken in een nieuw, vreemd land.
With big eyes eight-year-old Tanans looks around. The new school year has just begun.  Tanans is Congolese, but he grew up in a refugee welcome zone in Uganda. Together with his family he has come to the Netherlands as an ‘invited refugee’. For the first time he lives in a beautiful house, tries to find his balance on a bike, speaks Dutch. But above all, he tries to make sense of this strange, new world.
(North American Premiere, 19')


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