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A Stranger Came to Town by Thomas Vroege
A Stranger Came to Town

Stranger Came to Town, A

A tragedy about the complex reality of the conflict in Aleppo and the devastation that followed.

Complex realities can never be reduced to a simple story of good and evil - certainly not in the case of the Syrian conflict. Interviews with four inhabitants of Aleppo form the backbone of this cinematic essay. The images of a city in ruins - a gray haze filtering them like dust from the bombshelled buildings - are accompanied by the lamentations of a female choir.

71' /  colour     

Dir: Thomas Vroege
Prod: HALAL docs - Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Gijs Kerbosch, Gijs Determeijer, Roel Oude Nijhuis
Co-prod: HUMAN
Sc: Thomas Vroege                             
D.O.P.: Christian Paulussen
Completed: October 2017                    
Language: Arabic, English

Thomas Vroege:

First feature length documentary.
GREETINGS FROM ALEPPO (2017, short doc) Awards: DIG Award 2017, 9 DAYS, FROM MY WINDOW IN ALEPPO (2015, short doc) Awards: European Film Award, Best Short Film 2016, SO HELP ME GOD (2015, short doc), THE SON AND THE STRANGER (2012, short doc).

HALAL docs

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