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Stop Filming Us!
Stop Filming Us!

Stop Filming Us!

STOP FILMING US! is a cinematic dialogue between Western conceptions of Africa and the Congolese perception of reality.

STOP FILMING US! is a film which dissects the mechanisms underpinning the dominance of Western perspectives of the Congo and Africa. A new generation of Congolese artists want to show their own reality in response to the one-sided Western-dominated perceptions of their region. With their cameras, they are showing a picture that is miles away from the standard Western image of misery and violence. Are there ways to adjust this paradigm and is a Western filmmaker capable of telling this story?

95' / colour

Original title: STOP FILMING US!
Dir: Joris Postema
Prod: Doxy (NL) - Janneke Doolaard
Co-prod: EO (NL)
Sc: Joris Postema
D.O.P.: Wiro Felix
Completed: November 2019
Language: Dutch, French, Swahili, English

Joris Postema:
BASS MEN (2019, doc), DAAN'S INHERITANCE (2016, doc), FC RWANDA (2013, doc).

Ph: +31 20 422 2607


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