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Standing in teh Sun (Viktor Naumovski, 2019)

Standing in the Sun

Us boys of the suburbs are different.

Baptized to wear foil around our necks.

Walk with dog teeth under our armpits.

Standing in the Sun is based on a time when the real and the imaginary folded neatly into one-another; We spent days playing in the dirt during my country’s passage from war to westernization. Inspired by the emotional experience of growing up in a country in transition, Standing in the Sun is an alternative narrative. It is a coming of age story, focusing  on a group of boys living in suburban Skopje, Macedonia. Both the group of boys' and the nation’s state of transition are explored through the boys’ perspective; where masculinity and national pride are highly celebrated and appreciated. With my childhood friends and family as participants in all stages of production, we explore relations between I as the director and them as outsiders of the art world. With our nation as our backdrop, we reimagine the present by revisiting the past. As a result, through this body of work, I investigate dynamics between our cultural identity and surroundings in Macedonia.

We stayed out late... until we started to read each other’s minds, be in each other’s minds. Rifles on our shoulders made sure we had things under control...
But we’re just boys, what did we ever have under control?

11'11" / HD File / colour / sound

Dir: Viktor Naumovski
Prod: Viktor Naumovski
Scen: Viktor Naumovski
Country: The Netherlands, North Macedonia
Completed: 2019
Language: English

Viktor Naumovski: First film.

Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten
Ph: +31 70 315 4777

Distributor: EYE Experimental

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