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Spellbreaker by Janis Joy Epping & Diana van Houten


A fairytale and horror story in a "Painted Animation". By greed two friends change into monsters. An apocalyptic fight brings death to an unexpected victim.

4’ / DCP / colour

Original title: SPELLBREAKER
Dir: Janis Joy Epping & Diana van Houten

Screenplay: Diana van Houten & Janis Joy Epping
Animators: Yngwie Boley & Jonas OttNiek Pronk
Sound Editor: Sjoerd Donker
Mixage: Wart Wamsteker
Prod: Zig Zag Film b.v.
Language: no dialogue
Completed: March 2013  

Janis Joy Epping & Diana van Houten:
First animated film.

Zig Zag Film b.v.
Ph: +31 20 6268302

This film is included in the Selected Dutch Shorts 2013

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