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Sonny Boy by Maria Peters
Sonny Boy-Bound by love – separated by fate.

Sonny Boy

Bound by love – separated by fate.

SONNY BOY is the true, exceptional love story between two apparently ordinary people: Rika, a typical Dutch mother of four children, and Waldemar, a Surinam man seventeen years her junior. Their love can survive all the presumptions and obstructions of the cruel world outside, but is finally unable to cope with the brutal and devastating power of war.

131’ / 35mm / colour

Dir: Maria Peters
Prod: Shooting Star Filmcompany (NL), Co-prod: Ester.Reglin.Film (DE), Menuet (BE)  
Sc: Maria Peters, Pieter van der Waterbeemd   
Language: Dutch/German
Cast: Ricky Koole, Sergio Hasselbank, Marcel Hensema, Micha Hulshof.
Completed: 2010

Maria Peters:
STAY AWAY! (2006, feature), PETER BELL AND THE TSAR JEWELS (2002, feature), PETER BELL (2001, feature), LITTLE CRUMB (1999, feature), THE PURSE SNATCHER (1995, feature) Awards: Glass Bear Berlin Int. FF.

Festivals & awards a.o:
Stony Brook Film Festival (New York) 2011: Opening Night Film
Palm Spring International Film Festival
Atlanta Jewish Film Festival
Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival
Starz Denver Film Festival
Dutch entry to the Foreign Language Film Academy Award

Shooting Star Filmcompany
Ph: +31 20 624 7272

Sales: Attraction Distribution
Ph: +1 514 846 1222

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