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Son of Mine by remy van Heugten
Son of Mine

Son of Mine

A film about the  suffocating love between a father and son who try to survive as modern outlaws in the impoverished Limburg of today. A beautiful but forgotten part of the Netherlands, where the socio-economic consequences of the closing of the mines are still evident.

Lei is a wandering soul in his fifties who lives at the bottom of the social ladder.  He does everything within and outside the law in order to survive. A man who does as much harm to his body as to society. The only one he cares about is his son Jeffrey. His biggest fear is losing the respect of his son, whom he raised by himself. When Jeffrey finds out that Lei has a debt with Vester, a charismatic criminal with a lot of contacts in the Limburg underworld, he does what every loving son would do: he assumes the debt. Without Lei’s knowledge, Jeffrey starts to do jobs for Vester. His star rises, his desire for money and power grows. Lei’s desperate attempts to keep his son with him result in an even worse estrangement. Jeffrey’s new girlfriend Nicole increasingly urges for reconciliation, but she’s too late and fate strikes.

100’ / DCP / colour

Genre: drama
Original title: GLUCKAUF
Prod: Bind   
Sc: Gustaaf Peek       
D.O.P.: Mark van Aller   
Completed: summer 2014
Language: Dutch
Cast: Bart Slegers, Vincent van der Valk, Joy Verberk, Johan Leysen.

Festivals and awards a.o:
International Film Festival Rotterdam - Tiger Awards Competition
Taormina Film Fest - Competition
Brussels International Film Festival - Best Screenplay Award
World Premieres Film Festival Manila - Technical Grand Award
Galway Film Fleadh

Remy van Heugten:
Second feature film.
VALENTINO (2013, feature), SMOKE LIKE A TURK (2012, short), WHITE FISH (2009, feature), THE TANGOMAN (2009, short), WET (2009, short), CHICKEN (2007, short).

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Trailer Son of Mine:

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